Australian manufacturer & distributor


The Shipman King name has a long history in the petroleum industry having been established in 1923 to supply equipment to the service station forecourt market. Over the years Shipman King has continued to expand its product range and has now diversified into many industries outside our traditional service station forecourt market. Shipman King now supplies equipment that is used to handle petroleum and chemical fluids in industries such as Telecommunications, Construction, Defence, Mining & Gen Set.

Service Station Equipment

Shipman King is proud to manufacture a large percentage of its range of Service Station Equipment here in Australia.

Piping & Containment Equipment

Complementing our range of Underpump Containment Sumps and Spill Containment Boxes, Shipman King has stocked and distributed the Aliaxis PLX Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings for over 25 years.

Vapour Recovery Equipment - Stage I & II

Shipman King manufactures and distributes Vapour Recovery Equipment to suit Australian conditions for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Vapour Recovery.

Aboveground Tank Equipment

Shipman King markets the industry leading Morrison Bros range of Aboveground Tank Equipment which includes Emergency Vents and Overfill Prevention Valves.

Nozzles, Filters & Accessories

Shipman King stocks a range of Husky Nozzles and Cim-Tek Filters for the Australian market.

Electrical Equipment

Shipman King’s range of Electrical Equipment include Canopy Lights, Y-Seals and the innovative Aliaxis PLXE Electrical conduit and fittings.

Def/Adblue Equipment

Shipman King has the complete range of equipment for your DEF/AdBlue installation.

Other Equipment

Shipman King has a range of other equipment that includes, Semi-Rotary Hand Pumps, Camlock Fittings, Water Finding Paste, Sealants, and Treacle Gates to name a few.