Bulk Tanker Day

Bulk Tanker Day

Join us for the 16th National Bulk Tanker Day at Moonee Valley in Melbourne on Wednesday 15 May 8am-4pm, where the conference theme is “the safest way”. 

The keynote speaker Prof. Arnold Dix will share the story of the Silkyara-Bardot tunnel rescue in India and share his experience in tunnel safety and work improving safety in the dairy industry.

Conference sessions include:

  • The safest way – the new risk assessment method for DG in tunnels vs surface routes and focus on access for operators to deliver safer routes and efficiency gains.
  • Safer driver and vehicles  health and safety behind the wheel, regulations, NTC review of the ADG Code, reducing rollovers on regional roads, NTI Spilt Milk program. 
  • Learning from near misses– recommendations from ANE incident investigation, what’s next for industry and using EBS data to improve safety.

Bulk Tanker Day is your chance to hear from industry experts and the regulators about safety and productivity issues that affect your business.