Manway Covers

Composite Manhole Covers

Composites Covers are the ideal material from which to produce manhole/access covers and have now been in use for over 15 years. They are the preferred option in a variety of applications from Service Stations, Water Treatment Facilities to Drainage and Telecommunications roadway access covers.

Customers are primarily attracted to composites by the significant weight reduction compared to traditional cast and ductile iron materials. O H & S assessments have highlighted such traditional covers to be a major cause of lifting injuries suffered by maintenance personell. Additionally composites reduce the risk of theft for scrap as they have no inherent scrap value.

This helps avoid potentially dangerous access shafts being left open and unprotected to the general public. Other significant benefits are the ability to produce water and airtight sealed covers, provide non-slip surface finishes, and moulding in facilities for locking mechanisms to assist in unauthorised access prevention.

Further more composites can be supplied in a variety of colours and will not crack and break and corrode like ductile and cast iron traditional materials.

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