Forecourt Equipment

Automatic Hose Retriever
  • Counterweighted - 9 Kilo counterweight eliminates the work in pulling hose into servicing position and retracts hose out of the way after servicing. Keeps the hose off the ground at all times so tyres can’t crush hose and sharp gravel and concrete can’t cut or scrape hose. Keeps hose straightened out, preventing damaging buckling.
  • Swivel Head - permits faster, easier servicing in any direction.
  • Pulley Wheel - allows hose to be pulled down or retrieved without binding
  • Heavy Duty Construction - built for years of rough handling
  • Strong Rustproof Cable and Buckle-Proof Hose Clamp
  • Easy Installation - requires only a couple of hours, no special skill needed. Can be installed at island unit or adjacent to a wall
  • Multiplies the life of your Petroleum Hoses
Product No. Description
F-HR50 Complete Kit
F-HRS50 Swivel Head Only
F-HRW50 Extra Weight
F-HRAC50 Chain and Cable Only
F-HRB50 Galvanised Hose Retriever Base

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