Cointainment Sumps

Underpump Containment Systems

 Shipman King provides a simple and effective form of underpump containment sumps for pressure or suction systems to meet today’s environmental requirements. The sumps provide pollution/spill control protection for fuel dispensers and fittings, located above or within the containment sump.

Our sumps are completely manufactured in Australia to meet Australian conditions, and are produced in medium density polyethylene.

The sumps are supplied completely assembled with a galvanised steel base to suit the various pumps and dispensers on today’s market. The underpump sumps can be manufactured in either a shallow or deep configuration.

To assist with ease of installation, all dispenser bases are provided with shear valve mounting bars which are adjustable in all directions to allow for accurate alignment.

To compliment our underpump containment sumps, a range of flexible entry seals are supplied and marketed by Shipman King to suit most sizes of flexible and solid piping, including electrical conduit.

  1. Shipman King pump and dispenser bases are manufactured specifically to suit the type of pump or dispenser specified.
  2. Bases are manufactured out of steel pressings.
  3. Lugs are welded to each base to ensure the base is adequately keyed into the concrete.
  4. Bases are hot dipped galvanised after manufacture.
  5. Dispenser bases have shear valve mounting bars that can be adjustable in three directions for accurate alignment.
  6. Slotted holes for holding down bolts allows for easy fitting of the pump or dispenser to the bases.
  7. Shipman King underpump containment sumps come complete with the base fixed to the polyethylene sump for ease of installation.
  8. The polyethylene sumps are moulded in a number of sizes and shapes to accommodate the various pumps and dispensers.
  9. A number of polyethylene sumps are available in two depths, shallow or deep. Consult the dispenser and pump directory on the following pages for more information.
  10. The depth of certain polyethylene sumps can be adjusted by simply cutting the polyethylene sump down and re-fixing the frame to the sump.
  11. Shipman King underpump containment sumps are suitable for both flexible and solid piping.
  12. Our underpump sumps and bases can also be used under LPG dispensing units.

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