Husky Fueling Products

Swivel/STB High Volume

Husky® Model 005969 Swivel-T-Break® Combination for truck and high volume fueling.

Multi-plane, full 360° spherical rotation for easy movement of nozzle.

• Swivel Sync® feature to prevent separation failure in the 90° position.

• High strength step shoulder bearing diameters and impact absorbing stops.

• Dynamic seals have double o-ring construction for long life and low temperature performance.

• Separates at less than 325 lbf / 1,445.6 N which minimises backlash fore of separations, reducing damage to equipment.

008015A and 008985A separate at less than 300 lbf / 1,334.5N.

• Safe-T-Break® is reconnectable and retains UL listing after reconnecting.

• Dual check valves stop fuel in both directions.

• Internal pressure balancing chamber prevents “line Shock” nuisance separations.

• Compatible with Ethanol blends through E10.

• Compact and light weight for easy handling.

• Easier to reconnect when installed at nozzle.

• Eliminates the need for a whip hose.

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