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Pressure/Vacuum Vents

Model 10088 and 10037 have three (3) separate valves that address pressure / vacuum conditions in underground storage tanks (UST).

• Husky pressure / vacuum (P/V) vents incorporate three (3) separate valves to control over-pressure and vacuum conditions that arise in storage tanks. The three (3) valve system provides the necessary protection and durability needed in a UST vent cap.

• The vacuum valve is diaphragm operated and provides ten (10) times more sealing force than gravity devices. It consistently opens at 6” - 10” of water column (WC) / 1.5 - 2.5 kPa vacuum.

• The first over-pressure valve is diaphragm operated, giving 10 (10) times more sealing force than gravity devices. It opens at 2.5” - 6” (WC) / .63 - 1.5 kPa pressure.

• The safety over -pressure valve is designed to handle high pressure / high flow conditions. This valve will vent up to 7900 SCFH at psi / .14 bar.

• Model vents are a threaded vent cap that’s easily installed by using the caston hex nut which allows tightening without having to go between vent pipes.

• Model 10088 vent cap with 10mm built in Orifice.
- Model 10037 Vent cap without 10mm Orifice.
- 1008 vent designed with rubber plug being inserted into 10mm to pass CP201.1E Vents pass CP201.11E for NSW EPA.

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