1" Anti-Syphon Valve

The Fig. 912 Anti-Syphon Valve is used on storage tank systems to prevent the formation of a syphon in the event of a line break or leak. The Fig. 912 will help prevent product loss, environmental contamination and/or fire hazards.

The 912 has built in expansion relief. The stainless steel/Viton® construction allows for greater fluid compatibility.

The 912 is designed to be installed in the piping system above the top of the tank. It may be installed in both horizontal and vertical piping.

The priming tee is an optional device that allows the installer/operator to fi ll the piping system with fluid. This allows a prime to be established for pumps and other devices. The tee also allows an access point for system maintenance and troubleshooting, such as installing a pressure gauge.

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